2019…a year in images

So hard to choose but I thought I’d share ten of my favourite images from this year that help capture some of the wonderful experiences I’ve had in 2019…

Outdoor fun!

This shot had to make my top ten from the year, totally unprompted on a family session we had in some gorgeous late Spring light. I really hope this is adorning a wall somewhere as it always makes me smile when I look back at it!


I could have chosen so many from the bluebell Mini Sessions that I held at the start of the year. We were fortunate to avoid the rain and the woods were carpeted in these gorgeous flowers. We had so many shots filled with joy from fabulous small people but I decided that this one was one of my highlights. Getting Grandparents in front of the camera is something I absolutely love and hope to do more of in 2020!

Time for Mum & Dad

I love the Sculpture Park, there are so many quiet spots to explore. We caught this shot on a really warm summers afternoon when you couldn’t move for visitors! The overgrown glasshouses are fabulous and make a perfect relaxed spot for some couples photography. We made time in the midst of a busy family shoot to capture some images of these two lovely people.

Those first precious days with newborns

Capturing relaxed newborn images is a real treat for me and this little man and his amazing family are no exception. It’s wonderful to keep in touch with families and watch their little ones grow and one of the joys of my joy.

Finding joy

We headed up to the beautiful Yorkshire Dales for this session. The family had returned to their amazing wedding venue for the weekend to share it with their new arrival and I was delighted to join them to capture some magical shots. This is one of my faves!

Spot the MP…

I’ve been really fortunate to have some fascinating opportunities this year to grow the commercial side of my photography. That’s included taking photos on an ice rink for Stockeld Park, shots of the magnificent Leeds Minster and helping Leeds Assylum Seekers Network celebrate their 20th birthday party. Here’s one of the more famous faces I’ve had the pleasure of capturing….

Personal Brand Sessions

This year I’ve enjoyed developing my personal branding sessions and in particular working with the wonderful Sarah Dunning. Her home is flooded with light and it’s always a joy to help her capture a little of her work and life to share her success with her teams….

Celebrating Success

…and here are some of that lovely team! I really enjoyed capturing a Christmas party as part of my commercial offering. As always I try to bring the real moments and expressions into my shots and these guys were a dream to photograph.

New Friends

Anyone that works alone will know it can be a lonely business sometimes so I’ve chosen this shot as it’s from a session that the amazingly talented Natasha Cadman and I had earlier this year. It’s so hard to get shots of yourself as a photographer (although my long-suffering wonderful husband tries!) so we had a fun few hours capturing shots for each other. Growing my photography friendships has been a lovely part of 2019 and something I definitely want to do more of in 2020. Collaboration over competition!

And finally…

I couldn’t end my review of the year without including this shot. Sometimes everything just falls into place, the lighting, the location and very occasionally, if you’re really lucky, the toddler – and this was everything rolled into one! We had a wonderful trip on the North Norfolk Steam Railway and our little boy was mesmerised. This one is definitely a keeper and is framed in the house.

So there you have it folks, the year in a whistle stop 10 images. If you’ve been a client of mine I want to say a huge and very sincere thank you. I adore my job, even on the days when toddlers fall in huge muddy puddles within minutes of a session starting or when naps or snacks are much more interesting than having your photo taken. I love meeting you, spending time working out what makes you tick as a family, couple or individual and then trying to capture that in an image.

For everyone that’s recommended me – a heartfelt thank you. Recommendations are the most extraordinary compliment and I’m grateful so much of my work has come via that route this year.

To those of you who’ve ordered prints and put your shots up on your walls I sincerely hope they bring you joy every time you look at them. In these days of insta-everything and digital files I still thing there’s something magical about an image, gently crafted, beautifully framed and on the wall to see every day.

Whatever this new decade brings, I hope it includes plenty of wonderful moments and lots of joy. I wish you the very best and a Happy New Year!

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