Bumps & Babies

Lindsey & Dave Indoor-42
Lindsay & Dave Indoor-19
Lindsay & Dave Indoor-24
Lindsay & Dave Sneak Peek-1
Colley Bump Shoot-15
Colley Bump Shoot-17
Colley Bump Shoot-37
Colley Bump Shoot-35
Colley Bump Shoot-2
Ria & Lottie HR-37
Ria & Lottie HR-51
Ria & Lottie HR-42
Ria & Lottie HR-29
Ria & Lottie HR-19
Ria & Lottie HR-15

I know from personal experience just how fast the end of pregnancy and those first few months can feel.  It’s hard to have the energy to get out your camera but mini humans grow so quickly you don’t want to miss a minute!  I have a phone full of pictures of my son but I really treasure the images that I took the time to capture on my camera.  My maternity and baby shoots are relaxed and are all about capturing that precious pregnancy glow and baby snuggles (and the occasional bit of nose-eating!).  I work indoors or outdoors and usually with natural light and shoots are relaxed and hopefully fun too!

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